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Introducing VSG's Global Security Operations Centre to help make clearer decisions in fast moving situations


Highly skilled analysts

Staffed by a diverse group of security analysts


Timely and accurate intelligence.

Helping you make clearer decisions in fast moving situations.


Market leading situational intelligence

Technology is at the heart of constant data gathering, analysis and communication.


Major incident communication

Access to real- time situational analysis, briefs decision-makers and communication of key messages.



Global Security Operations Centre.
Our Mission.

Our mission is clear. We gather intelligence and develop strategic partnerships to better protect people, assets and brands - creating a safer and more prosperous environment for your business.

VSG recognises the risk and threats constantly faced by clients, as a host of far-reaching, divergent threats emerge and evolve. Such threats include terrorism, crime and disorder, activism, environmental and - increasingly - cyberattacks.

Actionable Intelligence:

Helping you make better decisions in fast moving situations.

An intelligence-led security model is required for an organisation to deliver a more strategic and proactive approach to security planning and to prepare for any major incident that may affect its people, assets and brand.

The Global Security Operations Centre (GSOC) is at the heart of this model providing intelligence and crisis communication to our clients enabling them to mitigate risk and make better business decisions.

Staffed 24/7, by a team of highly skilled Intelligence Analysts. Delivering timely and accurate intelligence.

VSG has invested heavily in this area, and the GSOC is staffed by a diverse group of security analysts with military, police, government, private sector intelligence and emergency response backgrounds. These analysts have amassed expertise and hands-on experience in the areas of terrorism and terrorist methodologies, organised crime and disorder, activism and cybercrime.

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GSOC Sales

Technology is at the heart of constant data gathering, analysis and communication.

Technology plays a critical part in the efficient gathering and dissemination of intelligence. In response, VSG has invested in the GSOC’s software platforms to ensure that the data received is actionable at pace.

Through IRIS, VSG’s next generation threat and crisis communication application, we provide real time intelligence to make sure your response and contingencies are appropriate to the risk.

1) Intelligence Alert

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Two ways
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2) Tailored Intelligence

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Intelligence Alert Subscription

An intelligence service developed specifically for clients that need and value timely intelligence and notifications on major threats and incidents affecting the UK. The GSOC provides timely intelligence through a secure App on a daily basis, direct to named subscribers, covering a wide range of risks and threats.

• 24/7 mobile app - IRIS
• Intelligence reports and alerts
• Tactical assessments
• Major incident reports


IRIS is an initiative threat analysis App to pre-empt and advise on all forms of risks and threats to better protect buildings, assets and people.

Real-time geo-mapped threat and flash alerts are sent via the App to specified contacts. Topics include terrorism, activism, suspicious activity, transport & infrastructure, fire, environmental and natural incidents. IRIS includes secure information from proactive security briefings on upcoming events and protests through to major incidents, debrief reports and hot topics. This real-time reporting is simple, live and intuitive, enabling strategic analysis and monitoring of activity in a fast and effective manner.

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GSOC Client

Tailored Intelligence

The GSOC offers a wide range of intelligence consultancy services that are tailored specifically to individual client needs and associated threats.

• Major Incident Communications
• Threat Monitoring and Assessment
• Investigations
• Travel Risk Management

During a major incident, on-site teams face pressure in dealing with the incident unfolding and in briefing key decision makers. As a customer of the GSOC, you will have access to real-time situational intelligence. Assessed by an Intelligence Analyst, we will provide you with the ability to communicate key messages during a major incident to the appropriate levels within your organisation.

The intelligence gathering at this stage becomes centred around the incident, monitoring social and conventional media channels to assess the potential impact on the organisation. Bespoke bridge calls are initiated during critical situations, providing clear up-to-date information that allows you to make improved tactical and strategic decisions. The GSOC will also act as a conduit for your senior leadership to ensure that strategic messages are delivered to their operational teams.

Throughout a major incident, where appropriate, the GSOC will monitor social and conventional media to assess the potential for brand damage to assist you with your public relations response. At the conclusion of a major incident, the GSOC will facilitate a debrief process with you to ensure that the learning outcomes are captured, assessed and implemented.

An all-encompassing threat detection and intelligence service. Outside of dealing with major incidents, the GSOC proactively assesses the various security threats that your business, people, assets and brand might face by monitoring social and conventional media, using bespoke web crawling technology.

We are mindful that you are busy people, so we ensure that only real threats are communicated to you so that you can make the most appropriate security decisions. These threats might include extremist behaviour, protests and activism, major crime and disorder, cybercrime and environmental risks. In these circumstances the GSOC will facilitate tactical options such as engaging with law enforcement if appropriate. Following completion of a Baseline Asset Assessment, the GSOC will set up the web crawler platform to develop your own risk matrix applicable to your organisation.

The GSOC provides our clients with a service to meet their specific threats. Using the wide skill-set of the Intelligence Analysts we are able to conduct discreet and detailed investigations. These may include executive online vulnerability, individuals and groups of interest such as activist groups, organised crime gangs and problematic individuals. Any information and evidence collated may be used by law enforcement officers to formally identify individuals and take appropriate actions.

Responsible travel management to protect your people where it matters most. Your organisation has an unquestionable duty of care toward your people during travel. Some interesting statistics; 80% think their company has a legal obligation to ensure their safety, 54% carry no specific contact phone number for use in a crisis abroad, 46% work for firms with no clear travel security policy, 22% have no idea who to alert in case of an emergency.

The GSOC will tailor a solution that will focus on the issues relevant to your business, locations, travellers and patterns. These may range from natural disasters, terror incidents and car accidents to delays, stolen work equipment and medical emergencies. Using mobile technology, the GSOC tracks employees around the globe 24/7, providing multiple services to help maintain their safety while travelling.

The application enables; Real-time situational awareness of in-country threats and incidents, SOS function for immediate resolution and 2-way communication channel between the traveller and the GSOC. Any travel risk solution will be designed to integrate into your risk management programmes.

How can the GSOC benefit your organisation?

  • The early identification of risks and threats
  • Expert analysis of risks, providing meaningful understanding of each threat
  • Live communication and updates during and following an event
  • Drive appropriate response which minimises risk
  • Rapid dissemination of information to the right people, at the right time, to enable effective action
  • Enables you to proactively plan your security profile, fully aligned to the actual risk profile
  • Enhancing the safety of your people through effective communication
  • A more rapid return to ‘business as usual’ through impact reduction measures

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Strategic Partnerships

The GSOC has forged intelligence-sharing relationships with trusted partners with interests in crime and security. These partners include private sector, law enforcement and government agencies: uniquely, the GSOC is a member of the Government Agency Intelligence Network (GAIN). These relationships enable us to develop and share intelligence on the crime, security and cyber threats that affect our clients, providing tactical solutions that would not be otherwise available to them. If you are interested in partnering with us please complete the form above.

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